Our business model change

So we made some changes!

For those who are new to this site, our old website was dressyouroffice.com. It was tailored for people who work mostly or totally from home. We sold motivational and entertaining style office decor. Our Instagram was our primary source of community and social media. Then a couple problems started to surface.

The first problem was that several of our products were shipping from the EU. Because of the world wide pandemic issue, shipping has become a serious pain. A bit before the time of this writing the UK actually stopped shipping to many countries. And shipping to the countries that were still available proved to be a test of patience. For example, one cube lamp we sold took close to 3 months to reach the USA from Latvia. No good. So we needed to solve the logistics problem.

The second problem was that our Instagram content and focus started to change. Less office decor and more small business owner/self-help type mentality. We started offering tips on growing Instagram accounts, and started doing IGTV videos on wealth, health, and life in general. We even started a YouTube channel to also host these videos. It became obvious that this well-being/business mentality was the direction we were going to go, and there would be a much greater focus on the social media side, and interacting with customers/people in general. Organic community growth for the win!

So we made a name change from dressyouroffice.com to iworkforit.com. It sounded a bit more work/self-help/well-being related. We ditched the office decor theme, and products were dropped. And we started restructuring the website to include digital downloads and a blog so we can share things in our lives that have been beneficial to us, in hopes that it might help someone else.

At the time of this writing, the changes to the website have not been completed, but we are getting close! Stay tuned for the final changes!

And welcome to iworkforit.com!

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